YOU Power the Megaphone

Join us and vote this Friday, Nov. 24 @2:30pm Eastern

I live with long-term disability. People in my life struggle with illness and chronic conditions. I’m not unusual: everyone knows someone who’s struggling. It’s hard to watch people suffer, isn’t it?

It feels even worse when we feel powerless to help. When your loved one’s health changes it can be hard work learning how to support them. It’s hard coming to grips with what those changes might mean for us, too…and that’s before you throw in navigating health care.

How do you know what services are covered in your city? Your province? Where can you get information you can trust? What tools can help you cope with the new reality you face? It’s a lot for anyone to handle.

The government tries to help, care providers and businesses do too…but when your loved one is falling through a hole in their system, where can you turn? How can your single call for help be heard among millions?

Patients need a megaphone of their own. A way to collect and share their stories, experiences and priorities. We rely too much on our partners in government and the health care industry. We let them do too much of our talking for us…because what’s the alternative?

Sometimes, others can’t or won’t talk for us. The people I care for don’t fit neatly under the umbrella of any of the excellent regional or condition-specific groups in Canada. They have to struggle in the gaps between. So what could I do? How could my single call for help be heard among milions?

Canada needs a voice representing all patients-nationally, provincially and in all those holes between well-represented silos.

Enter Patient Critical Co-op: the first and only 100% patient-controlled advocacy and education co-operative in Canada.  We take no money from outside organizations or governments. We create and curate resources. We share stories and build connections. We are a voice for every patient in Canada. A voice powered by You.

My name is PJ Mierau. Along with my co-directors and first members, I founded Patient Critical Co-op and it is my honour to invite all Co-op members to vote in the inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) *this Friday, Nov. 24 at 2:30 PM Eastern*.

Members can *log in from home or your phones* to vote on the by-laws by which we operate and to approve our board of directors. In 30 minutes, or less!

Your. Voice. Matters. We need your voice this Friday. Taking care of yourself or loved ones can be a lot to handle, so we have worked hard to create simple polls and votes to let you make your voice heard quickly, easily, meaningfully.

We need many voices to represent many facets of the patient experience. We strive to allow every member to easily add their voice but if you have time and a passion to help, we’d love you to work with us on upcoming projects!

The more perspectives we include the more accurate and effective we can speak for You. It all starts with your voice. Your vote.

*Join us*
*Email for help logging into Slack* if needed
*vote in our Slack AGM this Fri @2:30pm Eastern*

See you Friday!