What We Do

Our roadmap for making Healthcare Healthier

We designed your Co-op to create a diverse patient voice with a greater impact than any individual could make by themselves. Members guide our healthcare advocacy simply by taking online polls a few times a year and voting from their phone or computer in our annual general meeting. We also offer ways to get more involved.

Together we can make a difference!

Learn More: info@patientcritical.com


Projects and Services

  • Reliable Healthcare news & info

  • Poll, develop & communicate member priorities

  • Generate, collect and curate Healthcare resources

  • Identify and detail Healthcare stakeholder positions

  • HELP stakeholders incorporate patients & their goals

Our vision for Healthcare

  • Increasingly wellness-based & patient-centered

  • More efficient, sustainable & transparent

  • Greater long-term planning & investment

Members chart our course by

  • Electing Directors

  • Voting on Co-op business

  • Participating online

  • Taking active roles in the Co-op

  • Voting & ‘liking’ online polls/discussion