What We Do

Patient Critical Co-op works for our members:
Patients as Partners in Healthcare design & delivery.
Here is our roadmap for making Healthcare Healthier:
Projects and Services:
  • Reliable Healthcare news and information
  • Develop and communicate member priorities
  • Generate, collect and curate resources
  • Host community discussion and policy development
  • Identify and clarify Healthcare stakeholder positions
  • Inform and educate our members on Healthcare
Our vision for Healthcare:
  • Wellness-based & patient-centered
  • Efficient, sustainable & transparent
  • Long-term planning & investment
Members chart our course by:
  • Electing Directors
  • Voting on Co-op business
  • Participating online
  • Taking active roles in the Co-op
  • Voting & ‘liking’ online polls/discussion
Proposed for 2017-2018:
  • News, primers & toolkits on issues & events
  • Interviews, stories & news Podcast
  • National/provincial policies & working groups
  • Members-only audio/video & resources
  • Members-only forums & events
  • Member-approved petitions & position statements
  • Patient scholarships to attend healthcare events
For more information email: info@patientcritical.com