Alika Lafontaine: Systems Change, Indigenous Health & ‘SDOH’

Alika Lafontaine is a social-media savvy physician and healthcare advocate interested in systems change, and the social determinants of health. Web: AlikaMD  | Twitter @AlikaMD “With the advances in technology and the way we transfer knowledge…it’s now achievable to create change in systems (and) mindsets…Patients, especially Indigenous patients, are feeling more and more that they have a voice, and that …

Jane Thornton: Prescribing Physical Fitness

Jane Thornton (Twitter) is an MD, Olympian & World Champion in Rowing. She is also founder of @MyActivIngrednt and an advocate for physical fitness and activity as a pillar of health and healthcare. Physical inactivity has been identified as a global pandemic: the fourth leading risk factor for death, worldwide. Is it time to start prescribing physical fitness? Show notes: Running man: …

Sir Michael Marmot: Social Determinants of Health

Sir Michael Marmot, past President, British Medical Association, Chair of the World Health Organization’s commission on the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) joins us to discuss his seminal research. Released on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the UK’s National Health Service. We discuss the changing roles and targets of governments in creating better health, not simply care, and …

Dave deBronkart: Patients as Partners

Kidney cancer survivor, health policy advisor and patient engagement advocate Dave deBronkart discusses responsive design as metaphor for co-designed patient care, digital health, patient empowerment & reducing medical error, while keeping healthcare healthy by embracing patients as partners.

Christine Chambers: Research Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Dr. Christine Chambers is a Canada Research Chair, Professor of Pediatrics & Psychology…and mom. She’s passionate about helping children, engaging patients in research via social media & proving to people #itdoesnthavetohurt (web). We talk about meaningful inclusion of patients & all stakeholders in healthcare research, and much more. Find Dr. Chambers on Twitter or learn more about her.

Rachel Martens: Advocacy & Social Media

Rachel Martens is a mother, parent engagement facilitator, patient research advocate & social media pioneer in Calgary, Alberta. Social media helped her learn to care for her son’s rare disease, and later became her voice to advocate for others. Coffee And Research (blog) Finding Community: Social Media for Families of Children with Disabilities (webinar) Twitter: @Raeofsunshine79

Tim Blake: Engaged Patients & Digital Health

Australian Tim Blake is an engaged patient, former CIO for Tasmanian Department of Health & Human Services & founder of Semantic Consulting. Tim believes Engaged Patients are critical to the Digital Transformation in Healthcare. Read Tim’s thoughts on What Exactly Is Digital Health? Twitter: @timblake1978.

Zayna Khayat on Digital Healthcare

Digital Healthcare, from Healthcare Innovation Strategist Zayna Khayat’s Point of View. Zayna tackles Digital Health from innovation and business perspectives, having worked with Mars Innovation Hub, University of Toronto, Saint Elizabeth Healthcare & the Rotman School of Business in Canada, as well as REShape at Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands. Twitter: @ZaynaKhayat.

Liz Salmi, Selina Brudnicki, #OpenNotes

Patient Advocate Liz Salmi (, Twitter, Facebook) & University Health Network’s Selina Brudnicki (myUHN, Selina on Twitter) discuss the #OpenNotes (twitter, web) movement promoting patient ownership & access to their health data.