Danyaal Raza: A unique moment for Pharmacare

Doctor Danyaal Raza is an advocate for Pharmacare and evidence-based, values-based healthcare reform. He is chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare and believes we live in a unique moment in time to finally accomplish Pharmacare. 170 organizations support Pharmacare Now. You can help! Contact your MP or MPP (Open North representative tool) and tell them what matters to you!

Break Down the Barriers-Susannah Fox

We talk with Susannah Fox, former Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Susannah is a vocal advocate of peer to peer communities’ ability to increase people’s access to information, data, & tools necessary to solve their own problems related to health & well-being.

Improving Patient Partnerships Roundtable

A round-table podcast about Improving Patient Partnerships and avoiding pitfalls. With Jana Buhlmann, Mathieu Jackson, Nadia Hillier and Julie Drury, Inspired in part by Jennifer Johannesen‘s Cochrane Colloquium  and BC Support Unit keynotes. We explore the growing opportunities for meaningful patient paraticipation in the design and delivery of our healthcare…as well as the need to challenge institutional blind spots and …

CMA President Dr. Gigi Osler

Our discussion with Canadian Medical Association President Dr. Gigi Osler.  We cover a lot-including but not limited to expanding the scope of what we call healthcare, patients as partners in their care, the importance of Doctors considering politics, and voters demanding promises from politicians before the coming national Federal election.    

Peer-to-Peer & Online Communities

Exploring the value of peer-to-peer and online communities for patients, caregivers and healthcare advocates. A round-table discussion with Claire Snyman, Rachel Martens, Maggie Keresteci and Robin McGee. Show Notes: Story Library at Patient Revolution Storytelling and Medicine After Dr Google: peer-to-peer health care Involving disabled children and young people as partners in research: a systematic review Peer-to-peer Health Advice, Susannah …

Tim Blake’s on FHIR! Talking HIMSS & Digital Health

On the ground in the middle of the HIMSS2019 conference, Australian digital health strategy consultant Tim Blake (Twitter) talks with us about the momentum, capacity and potential for interoperability, value based care and innovation in the global healthcare industry.

Steve Morgan: National Pharmacare

“A Canadian (Drug) sticker price that comes down -at all- is a big threat south of the border (to the US’s) automobile dealership sales technique for drugs (&) the world’s most inflated, most ridiculous, if I can say, list prices of medicines.” Steve Morgan believes National Pharmacare would serve Canadians better than the current system. Today Canada’s drug coverage is …