Patients and caregivers deserve to be included as equal partners in all aspects of care. Patient Critical Co-op promotes co-design, informed consent & comprehensive shared decision-making with patients in all aspects of Healthcare.
Patients and caregivers must be provided with resources and support to allow them to work effectively as equal partners with policy makers, clinicians and industry partners.
All stakeholders must meaningfully include and respect each other to communicate and collaborate effectively on delivering of individual and system-wide care.
Guiding principles
  1. Organization run by its members and at the service of members;
  2. Observing the importance of the Patient Voice in Healthcare design, delivery and review;
  3. Promoting an inclusive approach;
  4. Dedication to the desires, priorities and ongoing education of our members;
  5. Recognizing the strength and relevance of the co-operative principles as an engine for socio-economic development;
  6. Equity in governance;
  7. Equity in representation.