Steve Morgan: National Pharmacare

“A Canadian (Drug) sticker price that comes down -at all- is a big threat south of the border (to the US’s) automobile dealership sales technique for drugs (&) the world’s most inflated, most ridiculous, if I can say, list prices of medicines.”

Steve Morgan believes National Pharmacare would serve Canadians better than the current system. Today Canada’s drug coverage is fragmented into more than a hundred federal, provincial or territorial drug plans–and literally thousands of private plans. He contends National Pharmacare could save billions in duplicated administrative costs and reduce medical error, all while creating innovation opportunities and bringing equality in care to all Canadians.

Show Notes:

•Steve Morgan (Twitter)

•Steve Morgan, UBC School of Population & Public Health

•Steve Morgan, Marc-Andre Gagnon addressing MP’s in Health Committee on March 19th, 2012

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