Some Fun: A Healthy Selfies Video!

Patient Critical Co-op is only a focus for its members and their priorities…we believe it’s important to give a face to YOU, your community, and the issues you care about–from one side of Canada to the other!

Anonymous Co-op Member and her sign

We’re making a video to introduce our community of patients and caregivers -who choose everything we do with your voice and your vote- to each other, and the rest of this great country. And we can’t do it without YOU.


What are you proud about in your community? What matters most in healthcare?  Grab your phone and show them to the world!

Don’t worry about video quality or sound, we’ll edit it all the clips together to make you look great, and replace your voice and any other sounds with a little music.

Anonymous co-op member and his sign

We want you in the video too, of course! Don’t worry about looking professional or looking ‘right’: this is meant to be quick, easy and FUN. All you have to do is grab a thick black marker and write your issue, concern, appreciation or focus on an element of healthcare (1 to 5 words max).

Email questions or your completed 1-3 second (max) clip to and stay tuned! We’ll send you the link when the project goes live, so you can see what other co-op members care about in their part of Canada.

anonymous co-op membrer hiding behind sign

Just hold your phone sideways (or have a friend do it) and take a max 3-second video showing 1) YOU, standing in front of 2) a place in your community that matters to you, and 3) a piece of paper saying what matters to you in healthcare!

YOU matter. Your community matters. Your ideas matter because healthcare is about diverse ideas.

So grab some paper and a sharpie, head out to the place you want to share, and let’s show Canada what really matters in healthcare, according to the Canadians who fund it and rely on it.