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“Providing safe, quality health care is important to Health PEI. As a patient, client, resident or loved one, you have the right to give feedback about care received and know you will be treated fairly. Your feedback provides us an opportunity to work with you to improve the care and quality of services we deliver.

What is the first step?

If you have a comment, compliment or complaint we suggest that you first talk to those involved in your care or the care of your loved one. Speak to the person who provided the service or to the manager of that area. We encourage you to share a compliment, or address and resolve complaints, at the time and place they occur.

How do I send a compliment?

If you are receiving care from us, please pass along your compliments directly to the person providing your care. Our staff members enjoy hearing that you have appreciated their services.

If you are no longer receiving care or services, you can complete the form below to provide us with your feedback. Your comments will be forwarded to the health care provider involved in your care. Your positive experience may become an example in our continued effort to improve health services in PEI.

How do I lodge a complaint or concern?

You are encouraged to speak with the health care provider or manager of the program or area. It is always best to address and resolve a complaint when and where it occurs.

Send Health PEI a Compliment or Complaint

Health PEI ‘Your Health Privacy’ statement

If an issue is not resolved, or you’re not sure who to speak with, contact:

Health PEI
16 Garfield Street
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8
Tel:  (902) 368-5267
Fax:  (902) 368-4969


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