Canadian Ambulance Fees

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Ambulance rates across Canada vary tremendously-both for citizens of the province or territory and other Canadians and foreign visitors. Some areas exempt seniors from any fees.

The rates below apply to citizens, in-province only. They were verified at the provincial authorities linked below, as of [July 6, 2018].

Please note there are different financial formulations for each ambulance service, varying federal support for some health services and different geographical challenges in all of these regions.

Ambulance fees have been chosen as an example of regional disparity and presented without comment in order to spark a larger discussion about health care equity across Canada (Territorial rates will be updated soon as well).

Alberta: $250 responding, $385 transport

British Columbia: $80

Manitoba: $340

New Brunswick: $130

Newfoundland and Labrador: $115

Nova Scotia: $146.55

Ontario: $45

Prince Edward Island: $150 (Free, 65 yrs+)

Quebec: $125 pickup, $1.75/km

Saskatchewan: $245-325 plus rural per-km rate, waiting times & escort fees

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