Founder’s Message

Hello! My name is PJ Mierau. As Patient Critical Co-op’s founder and Managing Director, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Patient Critical Co-op.

I founded PatientCritical Co-op because patients have no say in their healthcare, and no single voice to ask for one.

People are waiting longer to find doctors, get referrals or book appointments. People are taking more and more time out of their lives to get the care they need. People are paying more out of pocket for doctor’s records or medicine, and record numbers of Canadians consult the internet instead of seeing a doctor at all.

After years of helping loved ones navigate healthcare, facing bureaucratic road blocks and administrative headaches, I clearly understood the need for for a national, patient-run voice. A voice empowered by its members to ask for and receive answers, and take a seat at the table as an equal partner in healthcare.

Regional and special interest groups are making a real impact, but there is still no national group of Canadian patients speaks for all of us at the federal or provincial level.

I truly believe elected officials, healthcare providers and health businesses want to include patients in the day-to-day work of making healthcare better…if enough of us speak together to be heard. JOIN US. Become the change you want for your loved ones and for yourself, because…

Patients are Critical to keeping Healthcare healthy!