Canada’s first Patient-Voice Co-op

June 22, 2017

“When you or someone you love needs healthcare, it can take over your life. Your work, your personal life and your well-being can suffer,” says PJ Mierau. “No one should need to lose time at work or spend hours online to find out how to get the care they need,” says PJ Mierau, Managing Director of the Patient Critical Co-op (Patient Critical).

“Until now, Canadian policy-makers, healthcare provider associations and health business interests have had no national patient voice to partner with in the ongoing business of delivering and improving Healthcare. Patient Critical Co-op was formed to give patients that voice.”

“Patients need a say in their healthcare,” PJ Mierau says, about the Co-op’s upcoming membership drive beginning Canada Day, July 1st, 2017, “Patient Critical invites all Canadians to become members and create a true patient authority, recognized and included in the continuing business of Healthcare in Canada.”

Patient Critical is Canada’s first democratic, member-owned, not-for-profit Canadian corporation. It was founded to serve the will of patients across the country in healthcare design, delivery and reform. “On behalf of our members, Patient Critical will work to ensure healthcare is there when patients need it.”

“By joining Patient Critical Co-op, patients can find answers to problems, access a wealth of information, gain the support of fellow member-patients and most importantly, increase the authority of Patient Critical Co-op in asking for -and getting- real answers and change in Healthcare.”

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About Patient Critical Co-op

Patient Critical Co-op is a democratic, member-owned Canadian co-operative dedicated to representing patients nationally, as equal stakeholders with our healthcare partners. Our government, care provider organizations and healthcare business partners previously had no way to include patient representation as the fourth equal partner in their deliberations. As a health and social services co-operative, Patient Critical Co-op will represent our members in the ongoing, crucial process of co-development, review and management of healthcare. We provide a framework for community building, education and knowledge transfer to increase the health literacy and engagement of our members, on behalf of all patients in Canada.

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PJ Mierau, Managing Director
(289) 339-2556
Twitter: @PatientCritical