Tim Blake’s on FHIR! Talking HIMSS & Digital Health

On the ground in the middle of the HIMSS2019 conference, Australian digital health strategy consultant Tim Blake (Twitter) talks with us about the momentum, capacity and potential for interoperability, value based care and innovation in the global healthcare industry.

Steve Morgan: National Pharmacare

“A Canadian (Drug) sticker price that comes down -at all- is a big threat south of the border (to the US’s) automobile dealership sales technique for drugs (&) the world’s most inflated, most ridiculous, if I can say, list prices of medicines.” Steve Morgan believes National Pharmacare would serve Canadians better than the current system. Today Canada’s drug coverage is …

Jesse Hirsh on Data Literacy

An eye-opening discussion Internet researcher, speaker & technology commentator Jesse Hirsh. We explore how profitable ‘free’ services like GMail & Facebook really are, why companies with strong regulations & privacy laws create stronger businesses and industries, how Google knows when you’ve had your coffee & much more.  

Alisa Simon: Kids Help Phone & Digital Health

A conversation with KidsHelpPhone Vice President Alisa Simon (Service Innovation & Chief Youth Officer) about the evolution of Kids Help Phone into apps, online services & text-messaging in order to achieve their goal: to help children and youth in crisis across Canada.

PrescribeIT: Digital Prescriptions

Seema Nayani, practicing pharmacist & Pharmacist Leader at Canada Health Infoway working on PrescribeIT digital prescription service describes the goals, priorities & values behind PrescribeIT, a digital prescription system in Canada.

Aidan Scott: Build Digital Health for Everyone

Aidan Scott wants to make mental health and digital health more understood and accessible. We discuss the possibilities of digital health in overcoming limitations of our healthcare system, and the need for transparency, inclusivity and regulations to guide the future of care.

Julie Drury: Caregiver & Patient Advocate

Julie Drury (Twitter) is a caregiver, patient advocate, bereaved mom, inaugural chair of the Ontario Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, a speaker & a runner. Julie occupies a unique intersection of patient and policymaking & shared her insights with us at the beginning of Digital Health Week 2018 (Nov 12, 2018).

Alika Lafontaine: Systems Change, Indigenous Health & ‘SDOH’

Alika Lafontaine is a social-media savvy physician and healthcare advocate interested in systems change, and the social determinants of health. Web: AlikaMD  | Twitter @AlikaMD “With the advances in technology and the way we transfer knowledge…it’s now achievable to create change in systems (and) mindsets…Patients, especially Indigenous patients, are feeling more and more that they have a voice, and that …