What’s a Co-op?

I love watching people’s eyes light up when they learn about Patient Critical Co-op and our mission to create community, spread awareness and education, and speak on behalf of our members to give patients a voice in their healthcare. People get it. They understand the need for a unified patient voice that can work with healthcare provider associations, civil service …

Doctor Transparency

Being open is scary, yet the intimate Doctor/Patient relationship is too often one way. Despite a vicious backlash, Dr. Leana Wen advocates for transparency at http://www.whosmydoctor.com/… and she’s making an impact. TED

Open Arms

Open Arms Patient Advocacy provides Alberta patients and families with free, confidential advice and assistance lodging complaints or navigating through the health system to get the care you need or help with communication and difficulties with finding information and answers.

Canadian Patient Safety Institute

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) is a not-for-profit entity founded by Health Canada. CPSI works with governments, health organizations, leaders and healthcare providers to improve patient safety and quality.

Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is a process of reflection and communication. It is a time for you to reflect on your values and wishes, and to let people know what kind of health and personal care you would want in the future if you were unable to speak for yourself.

Find your MPP

If you know your Ontario Member of Parliament click the Ontario Legislature logo for contact information for your MP. If you do not know your MP, click the Elections Ontario logo to find your MP by postal code, then consult the above link.

Canada Data Privacy

Data Privacy Legislation in Canada was formalized in 1977 with data protection provisions into the Canadian Human Rights Act. In 1983, the federal Privacy Act regulated how federal government collects, uses and discloses personal information. Numerous pieces of privacy legislation have since restricted or outlined acceptable procedures for the collection, accessing and disclosing of data by provincial and territorial governments …

Your Healthcare Priorities

Tell us your Top 3 priorities Please retweet & share to help us represent all patients! Infographics, articles & videos below. WAIT/REFERRAL TIMES NATIONAL PHARMACARE CAREGIVING SERVICE/SUPPORT Help Aging Parents Living Far Away High Tech Sensors Help Kids Keep Eye on Aging Parents DENTAL COVERED BY HEALTHCARE How low-income people suffer without dental care ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS TELEMEDICINE ADOPTION HEALTH PROMOTION/SOCIAL …

Canada’s first Patient-Voice Co-op

June 22, 2017 “When you or someone you love needs healthcare, it can take over your life. Your work, your personal life and your well-being can suffer,” says PJ Mierau. “No one should need to lose time at work or spend hours online to find out how to get the care they need,” says PJ Mierau, Managing Director of the …