Aidan Scott: #mhealth and #mentalhealth

Aidan Scott is a TEDx speaker and lived experience voice for better #mentalhealth and #mhealth. Founder of (in development). We talk about the role of digital health, the importance of proactive healthcare & early interventions. Twitter: @aidanbox Patient Critical Co-op is Canada’s first 100% Patient-owned advocacy & education co-op. Learn more and hear more at

Dr. Dan Pepe:

TeachandLearnFM’s Dr. Daniel Pepe and his team create learning resources to answer questions submitted by patients. Their goal? To empower patients to take an active role in their healthcare. Patient Critical Co-op is Canada’s first 100% Patient-owned advocacy & education co-op. Learn more and hear more at

The Price Family: HealthArrows

  A discussion with Alberta patient advocate Teri Price: When her brother Greg lost his fight with cancer, this compassionate & dedicated family created HealthArrows to honor his memory and advocate for other patients. (Twitter: @HealthArrows). More about Alberta patient advocacy: More about Greg’s journey:

‘5 Steps’ Guides for Patients

Patients need a lot of information to make good decisions about their health, but sometimes they don’t know who or what to ask. Patient Critical Co-op is here to help with a series of visual guides. The guides were designed to hang on your wall or be flipped through on your phone. Each offers five steps, questions or suggestions to improve patient …

Health Literacy

Exploring the definition and importance of health literacy in maintenance of health and the healthcare system. “Health literacy requires a complex group of reading, listening, analytical, and decision-making skills, as well as the ability to apply these skills to health situations… …it includes the ability to understand instructions on prescription drug bottles, appointment slips, medical education brochures, doctor’s directions and …

‘What Did My Doctor Say?’

The special words doctors and nurses use AKA ‘Jargon’. The Medical Library Association created this page to help you understand what a doctor or nurse tells you. Created with the help of the Working Group for Health Literacy, Massachusetts Health Sciences Library Network MAHSLIN)    

Robin McGee-Patient, Advocate, Author

  A discussion with Robin McGee: Nova Scotia cancer survivor, advocate, psychologist & author (The Cancer Olympics). Robin shares her story of medical error & the importance of patients advocating for their care, in partnership with their care providers. (Twitter: @TCORobin).

Ontario’s Doctors, Corps & Tax

Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s proposed tax changes, a primer on physicians running corporations & an interview with Ontario Medical Association President (Twitter: @shawn_watley). Links discussed in the episode: Fed Crackdown Will Nail Ontario Doctors and Cut Care, Medical Association Warns Will Bill Morneau’s Crackdown on Tax Avoidance Work? Some Doctors Have Tax Complaint But They’re Off Base Finance Minister Bill …

Attend the Patient Experience Forum

  I’m happy to announce the Co-op has arranged for two of our members to attend the Patient Experience Summit this September in Toronto.  To establish a Patient Voice, patients have to be able to afford to get into places where Healthcare discussion happens…and Your Co-op is working to make that happen! I’m proud to be able to offer access …

Isobel Jordan & Donald Lepp

In this first episode of the Patient Critical Podcast, we talk to Isobel Jordan (@seastarbatita) & Donald Lepp (@DonaldLepp), who share their journey as caregivers for their families. A fascinating glimpse into healthcare in Canada, full of insight for all who depend on Healthcare-now or in the future.