May 2018 Members Update

Hello, members! My name is PJ Mierau. It is my pleasure to serve as Patient Critical Co-op’s Managing Director. As we head into May, I want to give you an update of what we’ve accomplished in our first nine months, and give a sense of future plans. First and foremost, thank you very much for your membership, participation and support. …

Rachel Martens: Advocacy & Social Media

Rachel Martens is a mother, parent engagement facilitator, patient research advocate & social media pioneer in Calgary, Alberta. We discuss how social media helped her learn to care for her son’s rare disease, and later became her voice to advocate for others. Coffee And Research (blog) Finding Community: Social Media for Families of Children with Disabilities (webinar) Raeofsunshine79 (twitter)

Tim Blake: Engaged Patients & Digital Health

Australian Tim Blake is an engaged patient, former CIO for Tasmanian Department of Health & Human Services & founder of Semantic Consulting. Tim believes Engaged Patients are critical to the Digital Transformation in Healthcare. Read Tim’s thoughts on What Exactly Is Digital Health? Twitter: @timblake1978.

Zayna Khayat on Digital Healthcare

Digital Healthcare, from Healthcare Innovation Strategist Zayna Khayat’s Point of View. Zayna discuss Digital Health from innovation and business perspectives, having worked with Mars Innovation Hub, University of Toronto, Saint Elizabeth Healthcare & the Rotman School of Business in Canada, as well as REShape at Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands. Twitter: @ZaynaKhayat.

Your Co-op Needs You!

Hello, Members! Thank you for joining us in our journey to help create a strong patient voice and improve the healthcare system we all depend on. Patient Critical Co-op is all about you, and all for…you! We want to hear more about what you think, and how you would like to be involved. We created a Co-op because all other …

YOU Power the Megaphone

Join us and vote this Friday, Nov. 24 @2:30pm Eastern I live with long-term disability. People in my life struggle with illness and chronic conditions. I’m not unusual: everyone knows someone who’s struggling. It’s hard to watch people suffer, isn’t it? It feels even worse when we feel powerless to help. When your loved one’s health changes it can be hard …

Liz Salmi, Selina Brudnicki, #OpenNotes

Patient Advocate Liz Salmi (, Twitter, Facebook) & University Health Network’s Selina Brudnicki (myUHN, Selina on Twitter) discuss the #OpenNotes (twitter, web) movement promoting patient ownership & access to their health data.

Shanon McQuitty: Social Media Saved My Life

Shanon McQuitty describes how, after her diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, she found a lifeline on social media. Now a Patient Advisory Board member at the Arthritis Research Canada, Shanon works in patient advocacy to help others. Twitter: @shanonmc.

J Tyler Moss: Owning & Accessing #HealthData

J Tyler Moss is a patient, researcher & participant in Saskatchewan’s CHIP pilot. We discuss the value of patient access to labs, prescriptions, hospital & acute care visits, as well as empowering patients to add personal health information, set medication reminders and record upcoming appointments.

Dr Dan Pepe: Evaluating Online Resources

TeachandLearnFM‘s founder and editor Dr. Dan Pepe on evaluating digital health and creating informed patients. Twitter & Facebook. Download Patient Critical’s guide to evaluating online resources.