Attend the Patient Experience Forum


I’m happy to announce the Co-op has arranged for two of our members to attend the Patient Experience Summit this September in Toronto.  To establish a Patient Voice, patients have to be able to afford to get into places where Healthcare discussion happens…and Your Co-op is working to make that happen!

I’m proud to be able to offer access to this conference to two of our members. Conference registrations can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and being able to offer patients access to this event is a great way to help our membership build connections and develop a patient voice in national issues.

If you’re not a member yet, you can join here. Participate in the forums and drop us an email asking to be eligible for consideration. Please note: registration fees will be covered for the members selected to attend, but travel and accommodation costs must be covered by the attendees.

Email or reply in the member forums if you wish to attend. The event is held at the Holiday Inn Toronto International airport on Tuesday, September 26th and Wednesday, September 27th, 2017.

We want to share the information gathered at this conference with all our member-patients, so the most active Co-op participants will be chosen to represent our membership at this event. Participate in forums, ‘like’ and suggest resources, polls and forums, and join @patientcritical discussions on social media.

Our thanks again to the Patient Experience Forum for helping make this possible (more information on the Forum (Twitter: @PatientXForum).