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One of the hardest parts of advocacy is connecting with others to learn & share. The directory is a free service we hope will expand & strengthen the healthcare advocacy community.
•Please limit your biography to 1-2 sentences for clarity/visibility on small screens.
•Pseudonyms are welcome. Insert a dot (.) to leave last name field blank.
•Please select region, advocacy interests & professional and/or volunteer status.
•A verifiable contact method is required to be listed.
Professional Advocates: Please select ‘Professional’ category from the dropdown list and disclose healthcare-related employers, funders or partners in the ‘Biography’ section. If you are also a volunteer, please list both.
Patient Critical Co-op is a national, not-for-profit, 100% member-owned and guided healthcare advocacy and education co-op. We provide this service free of charge to expand the conversation about healthcare in Canada. If you find value in our work, BECOME A VOTING MEMBER!