2019 Members Update

As you know, Co-op members gather online every November to vote on Co-op business: our rules, priorities, directors, even our by-laws and governing structure are completely in the hands of you, the members.
For the second year in a row, I thought it fitting to offer a May Update as a sort of general, half-yearly report between those Annual Meetings. Without further ado, here’s that update:
In our second year of operation, we’re still one of the newest voices in national healthcare advocacy. We are working hard to increase awareness of the Co-op and develop relationships and networks with other healthcare stakeholders. We continue to do this by participating in real-world and online conferences, consulting with organizations such as ACCESS 2022 and Infoway, serving as committee members with national organizations such as HealthcareCAN and the Canadian College for Healthcare Leaders, through social media (Facebook, Twitter), our Podcast, and Resource Hub of curated (and original) content.
A big part of agency, awareness and literacy, iss the opportunity to expand your network of advocates, caregivers, patients and fellow parents. To that end, please visit our Advocate’s Directory to find advocates in your area of field of interest, or add your name as someone others can reach out to.
In the past 3 months we have:
-consulted to Infoway Canada on patient-focus/inclusion in digital health projects
-advised Canadian College of Health Leaders & HealthcareCAN on patient inclusion
-worked in National Health Leadership Conference planning/patient-awards committees
-hosted our first Patient Roundtable with representatives from across Canada
(available as a podcast)
In the next 3 months we will:
-consult with healthcare conferences seeking patient inclusion
-participate in conferences and share them online, in social media and podcasts
-provide feedback to institutions, colleges and government agencies
By this summer we hope to formalize a calendar for a small planning or working group to report to the directors. This is open to any co-op member able to make a 2 hour monthly commitment (to meet for 60 minutes  to videoconference (Skype, etc) and contribute 60 minutes of individual work time to projects each month (a 3, 6 or 12 month commitment).

No one loves long emails so I’ll wrap up now, encouraging ALL of you to reach out with any questions. You can do that on our Slack channel, open 24-7 for members to communicate with us, or by sending us an email at  info@patientcritical.com or by using the contact form at  PatientCritical.com.
We’re halfway through our second year, and as dedicated as ever to creating a truly national, truly patient-directed voice in Canadian healthcare. As your managing director, I look forward to representing you, hearing from you, and working with you.